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Zainah Anwar
Ana Francis
Arvind Narrain
Cynthia Rothschild
Dawn Cavanagh
Isatou Touray
Nilza Iraci Silva
Sussan Tahmasebi
Janette Akhilgova
Maria Consuelo
Sandra Mazo
Khouloud Mahdhaoui


These illustrations were made for the 13th AWID Intenational Forum (2016)

"Here are just 12 inspirational people, and a glimpse of the work they do, in different situations, and in different ways. But beyond these 12 there are thousands upon thousands of feminists around the world who are at the forefront of resisting religious fundamentalisms. They are not only resisting in the sense of pushing back, but actively creating alternatives—building new worlds made out of equality, justice, and peace".

(Isabel Marler)

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