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So you want an original illustration, made especially for you? That's your chance!


But how does it work? 

First, I work on a sketch based on what we talked about and some reference pictures (in case you want me to draw someone specifically) and show it to you. If you want me to change anything, this is the time. I'll work on this sketch until you think it's perfect! When you're happy, I'll work on the final artwork.

I usually work on a 15x21cm paper (A5), but you can order something a little bigger if you want.

When it's ready, I'll send you a high quality digital file (600dpi) and the original piece by post (the delivery costs are already included. Yep, worlwide). Oh, and I only post this illustration on my social media if you allow it.

Ok, and how much is it? 

Commissions cost between US$100 and US$250, depending on the size of the paper, the illustration technique (which might envolve expensive or cheaper materials) and the complexity of your order (for example, if it's one person or more, if there's scenery etc). Payment is made via Paypal. Send me an email explaining me your idea and I'll send you the budget! :)

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