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- my first graphic novel -

When someone dies, there’s a hole. A hole that can be deeper and wider depending on how many lives this person has touched. North Wind begins with a hole left by someone who has passed. And what a void she left.


When Anna passed, little Ravi refused to believe that it happened and was pretty sure of a conspiracy. Liot, on the other hand, was too adult to doubt it, but not enough to ignore some weird parts of the story that just didn’t seem to fit. Aliara wasn’t convinced by that, but she wouldn’t leave her brother alone in this investigation. Nina just wanted some answers about a strange package she received, and Bot was just living his life until he got carried away by problems that just weren’t his own.


This peculiar group of people will look for answers, but before getting what they want, new questions will come up. After all, not everybody is used to tattoos that move or trips to strange places trough old telephones. Plus, we never know what the north wind might bring...


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